League Rules

These are the official fantasy football league rules of the KFL.


Format of the League -

The KFL will run on a team-vs-team format. The first 14 weeks of the National Football League ("NFL") season will also be the KFL’s regular season (the "Regular Season"). Week 15 will be the Wild Card playoffs, Week 16 will be the Semi-Finals, and Week 17 will be the Krusty Bowl. 3 division winners and 3 wild card teams will make up the Playoffs. The KFL will consist of 12 franchises (the "Team" or "Teams"). Each team may consist of 1 but not more 2 members (the "Owner" or "Owners"). The team with the most points during each week of the Regular Season will win the weekly prize.

The Commissioner +

The head of KFL operations will be Bill Miller (the "Commissioner").

Duties of the Commissioner are as follows:

  • (a) Review and approve KFL trades;
  • (b) Maintain any and all changes to the website;
  • (c) Manages KFL statistics;
  • (d) Determines Lottery and draft dates and team schedules;
  • (e) Handles KFL votes and/or discrepancies thereof.
Starting Roster +

Each team will utilize NFL athletes (the "Players" or "Player") for scoring purposes. Players that a team chooses to play (which may vary by week) in the Regular Season will be known as their Starting Roster.

The Starting Roster will consist of:
1 - Quarterback
2 - Running Backs
3 - Wide Receivers
1 - Tight End
1 - Kicker
1 - Defense/Special Teams

Lottery +

The KFL Lottery (the "Lottery") will be held at a date pre-determined by the Commissioner. Emails will be sent to the Owners when the date, place and time have been determined for the Lottery. Each team will receive a designated ping-pong ball (the "Team Ball") that will be used to decide the draft order for each season. There will be a drawing for every odd-numbered round (9 total) starting from Round 17 and ending on Round 1. The corresponding even-numbered round will be in the reverse order of the odd-numbered round.

Round One: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Round Two: 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

The first team ball to be drawn from the Krusty Tumbler, will become the 12th pick of that current round and the last ball drawn will become the 1st pick of that current round. The Lottery must have at least 3 teams present in order for Lottery results to be official. Draft picks cannot be traded.

The Draft +

Once the Lottery has taken place, the KFL Draft (the "Draft") will be scheduled. Every Draft, unless otherwise noted by the Commissioner, will be held in-person. The Draft will take place on or around Labor Day weekend of each season. Emails will be sent to the Owners when the date, place and time are determined for the Draft. Each team can draft an 18-player roster. A team can select any available Players. Any Player that plays multiple positions will only be eligible at his dominant position. This is determined by how the NFL categorizes the Player's position before the Draft and during the season.

The NFL labels Michael Vick as a quarterback. Thus, if a team drafts him, and says that they want to use him as a running back, that is not allowed as the NFL characterizes him as a quarterback.

There is no limit to the number of Players that a team can draft at a particular position. Each team will have 2 minutes to select each draft pick. Each team will also have one 2-minute time-out. If a team does not make their pick before time runs out, a time-out is automatically charged. If a team has already used their time-out, their pick will be skipped and the next team in the draft order can make a pick. When that selection has been made, the team that was skipped will have 60 seconds to make a selection. If no pick is selected within those 60 seconds, that team's pick will be forfeited.

Divisions +

The divisions are determined by the 1st round draft order:

Krusty Burger Division: 1, 6, 7, 12
Itchy & Scratchy Division: 2, 5, 8, 11
Sideshow Division: 3, 4, 9, 10

Schedule +

Each team's schedule will be posted before the beginning of the Regular Season and will be determined before the Draft by the 1st round draft order. A pre-determined format is used each season to schedule a team's opponent for each week of the Regular Season. Each team will face their current division opponents twice, and the other remaining teams once throughout the year.

Head-to-Head Play +

Each week, one team will play against another team in the League based off of the schedule. The team that scores the highest total points that week will be awarded a win. Teams will play each team in their division twice during the Regular Season. In the event of a tie, the win will be awarded to the team with the highest scoring Player of that week. If both team's highest scoring Player have the same amount of points, then the next highest scoring Player will be used and so on. In a rare situation of 9 identical scores, a coin toss will be used to determine the outcome of the matchup; there are no ties in the KFL.

Each week of the Regular Season the team with the highest total points of that week will win a prize (the "Weekly Prize"). If any teams tie for the Weekly Prize, the KFL will determine the winner based upon the tiebreaker rules referenced in the previous section. Owners that have not paid in full will not be eligible to win any Weekly Prizes or make a roster transaction. However, all teams are still allowed to submit lineups each week. If a team wins the weekly prize and hasn't paid in full, the money won will be deducted from the remaining balance of their league fees. Once a team is paid in full, they will have the right to use a pickup or propose/accept a trade.

Scoring +

Offensive Scoring
4 pts - Touchdown Passing
6 pts - Touchdown Rushing
6 pts - Touchdown Receiving
6 pts - Touchdown Kick Return / Punt Return / Turnover
3 pts - Field Goal (49 Yards Or Less)
4 pts - Field Goal (50-54 Yards)
5 pts - Field Goal (55+ Yards)
0.1 pt - Every 2 Yards Passing
0.1 pt - Every 1 Yard Rushing
0.1 pt - Every 1 Yard Receiving
1 pt - Extra Point
1 pt - Two-Point Conversion Passing
2 pts - Two-Point Conversion Rushing
2 pts - Two-Point Conversion Receiving
-1 pt - Interception Pass

Defensive Scoring
1 pt - Sack
1 pt - Blocked Field Goal
1 pt - Blocked Extra Point
1 pt - Blocked Punt
1 pt - Every Point Under 14 (If Shutout Is Broken)
2 pts - Fumble Recovery
2 pts - Interception
2 pts - Safety
2 pts - PAT/Two-Point Conversion Return
6 pts - Defensive Touchdown
6 pts - Kick Return Touchdown
6 pts - Punt Return Touchdown
20 pts - Shutout

Defensive points will be calculated for every point under 14 starting at 13; NFL score of 13 will award 1 point for your fantasy defense. Meaning you will not receive a point if the opposing team's offense playing your defense scores 14 points. If the other NFL team’s defense or special teams scores a touchdown or a safety, you will need to subtract that from the score.

Bears beat the Packers 17-14. During the game the Bears intercepted a pass and ran it in for a touchdown. 6 points are awarded to the Bears defense along with the 2 points for the interception. The Packers defense will receive 4 points for keeping the Bears offense below 14. Bears have 17 as their final score, but subtract 7 points from the Bears score for the defensive touchdown to make the fantasy score of 10 and calculate the defensive points for the fantasy Packers defense.

Trades +

You may trade with any team once the draft is complete, and any time before the trade deadline. Trades are only official when a trade is accepted by both teams through the Team Manager. Any trade accepted through the Team Manager will be reviewed by the Commissioner to ensure that all the requirements have been met. If not, all players involved will be returned and the trade will be cancelled.

Trade Requirements
1 - The trade ratio may not exceed 3:1.
2 - Any trade performed must have at least one player from each team in the trade.
3 - If a team trades a player away, at no time can that player be traded back to that team.
4 - Both teams must have no outstanding balances owed to the league.

The trade deadline is 11:30 a.m. on the Sunday of Week 11. For every trade throughout the season, you must have the trade accepted through the Team Manager by 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, for those players to be eligible to play that Sunday or Monday. Team rosters are locked each week after 11:30 a.m. on Sundays, and players can't be traded until after 11:30 p.m. the following Monday.

Waiver Wire & Pickups +

Starting after Week 1, each team has the ability to make one or multiple pickups during any week of the regular season, including the playoffs. Each team is given eight opportunities throughout the year to add a player to their roster. To add a player to a roster, a team must have a pickup available for that week and a player to drop. No free agent player can be added to a team's roster without including a player to drop from that team's current roster. If a waiver wire or pickup is performed without a dropped player, that team is given the new player, however they must provide a drop to the commissioner. If no drop is provided, the commissioner has the right to deem the player to be dropped from that team's roster. The waiver wire will be processed every Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. in the reverse order of the current overall standings for that particular week. Once the waiver wire has been processed, pickups will be first come first serve for the remainder of that week, and end every Sunday at 11:30 a.m.

Remember you only get a total of eight pickups a year. Once you've used all your pickups, you can no longer add a free agent player to your team for the remainder of the season. After the regular season is over, a team that is not or has been eliminated from the playoffs, will not be eligible to make a pickup for the remainder of the season, even if they still have pickups available to use. Your total number pickups made are tracked throughout the season, and can be viewed in the league standings under "#A", meaning Number of Adds. Once a player is dropped during either the waiver wire or pickups for that current week, that player is locked and won't be available to be added to any team until the following week. This also applies to any NFL players who have already played a game for the current week (ex. Thursday & Saturday games).

Playoffs +

The KFL playoffs are made up of a total of 6 teams. There are 3 divisions and the winner of each division will automatically qualify for the playoffs. Those 3 teams will then be seeded 1 through 3 based on their record (1st seed having the best record and most points and so on). The top 2 division winners will both get a bye and will play an exhibition match against one another in Week 15.

In the event of tie records in the standings, total points will be used to break the tie. If the total points are also tied, then the head-to-head record will be used. If the head-to-head record is a split or if the teams have yet to play each other, the Team Manager Power Ranking will be used.

After the division winners have been determined, the next 3 teams with the best record will qualify for the wild card positions. The wild card team with the best record and most points will be seeded 4th, and will play the wild card team seeded 5th in Week 15. The wild card team with the worst record of the 3, will get seeded 6th and play the 3rd division winner (seeded 3rd) in Week 15.

In Week 16, the winners of the two non-exhibition games from the previous week will then play the 1st & 2nd division winners. The 2nd division winner will play the highest playoff seeded winner, and the 1st division winner will play the lowest playoff seeded winner from Week 15.

In Week 17, the 2 winners from the previous week will then play for the Krusty Bowl title.

Playoff Seeding
1 - 1st Division Winner
2 - 2nd Division Winner
3 - 3rd Division Winner
4 - 1st Wild Card Winner
5 - 2nd Wild Card Winner
6 - 3rd Wild Card Winner

These rankings are determined once the regular season ends, and do not change at any time throughout the KFL playoffs.

Playoff Schedule
Week 15 - Wild Card Playoffs
- 3rd Wild Card Winner vs. 3rd Division Winner - $50
- 2nd Wild Card Winner vs. 1st Wild Card Winner - $50
- 2nd Division Winner vs. 1st Division Winner (Exhibition) - $75

Week 16 - Semifinals
- Highest Ranked Winner vs. 2nd Division Winner - $75
- Lowest Ranked Winner vs. 1st Division Winner - $75

Week 17 - Krusty Bowl
- Lowest Ranked Winner vs. Highest Ranked Winner - $600

Exhibition Game +

The top two division winners will play against each other in an exhibition game Week 15. This game is played for prize money only and has no effect on the playoffs. Statistics do not count for the purpose of any KFL records.

Prize Money +

Krusty Bowl - $600
Championship Ring - $295 (Optional)
First Division Winner - $300
Second Division Winner - $200
Third Division Winner - $100
Exhibition Game Winner - $75
Championship Semifinals Winner - $75 x 2 Winners ($150)
Wild Card Playoff Winner - $50 x 2 Winners ($100)
Weekly Winner - $75 x 14 Weeks ($1050)
Website / Programs / Misc - $250

Website & Mobile App +

Under normal circumstances, all lineup submissions, transactions, and other notifications will be handled by the KFL Team Manager or MFL App. All owners are required to have a working email address to be notified of trades and pickups. All league information will be posted on KFL website.

Reporting Starting Lineups +

Lineups are to be submitted through the KFL Team Manager. The system will cut off lineup submissions automatically at the proper times. In the event of website failure, lineups should be submitted to the commissioner. The commissioner will generally not accept lineups other than the ones submitted through the KFL Team Manager unless extreme circumstances require him to do so.

In the event of problems with the KFL Team Manager, call the commissioner with lineup changes or any substitutions. Rules regarding reporting of lineups to the commissioner are designed to be a verification system and a safeguard against a failed communication attempt or website error.

Starting lineups must be submitted by the kickoff of the player's game of that week. If there is a Thursday/Saturday game that week, the players involved in those games must be entered or taken out by the kickoff of the Thursday/Saturday game. All other players can be submitted on Sunday/Monday by kickoff of their game.

The KFL Team Manager will handle all lineup changes and will lock out owners from making changes at the appropriate times. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure his team’s lineup is correct before the cutoff time. If no lineup change is reported, the lineup of the previous week will be used. If no lineup is reported for Week 1, the lineup is created from the first players drafted at each position automatically.

Reporting Scoring Errors/Discrepancies +

The score of the KFL will be handled by the KFL Team Manager. If an owner notices a discrepancy between the score recorded by the system and another reputable source, (such as NFL.com), he must notify the commissioner immediately. Once the next football week begins, scoring errors by the system will not be changed by the commissioner. Any discrepancies will be researched by the commissioner and changed accordingly. It is the responsibility of all owners to check their score and their opponent's score.

If the NFL officially changes a statistic, the change will not be recognized by the KFL after the kickoff of the next week’s play. If the NFL officially changes a statistic before the kickoff of the next week’s play, the change may be recognized after investigation by the commissioner.

Rules & Voting +

Any discrepancies in the interpretation of the rules during the season – rules pertaining to the play of that season – that are not explained in this document are to be voted on by a majority vote of all owners. Each owner will have one vote, with the commissioner having the extra tie-breaking vote.

In the event of any unforeseen outcome of a tie or any other type of unusual circumstance, a coin flip may be used to determine the outcome. Preseason proposals for format or rule changes to the KFL may be voted on by the commissioner's discretion.

Any owner who is deemed to have compromised the integrity of the league by cheating or collusion during the season is subject to expulsion from the KFL by a closed-door vote of all other owners.